Flashlights and Scripture study

Wendi Gunn :
As requested... I recently used a flashlight to demonstrate how our minds are enlightened when we read scriptures. I turned off all the lights and asked them to read and tell me what they were reading about. There was a tiny bit of light coming in through the window from the parking lot lights. No one could see well enough to read. Then I turned on a flashlight which represents the spirit, that helps us understand and enlightens our minds. Then I asked them to try to read again. A few struggled, but those closest to me (the light source) were able to pick out a few sentences. We talked about how that is like the light of Christ helping us to better see and understand through prompting of the Holy Ghost. Those who were closest to the source were best able to read and understand. The rest of them could tell there were words, but they couldn't quite make them out. #enlighten
Group wall post by Wendi Gunn
Ilene Jenkins :
Perfect!! Thank you.

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