Fight The Good Fight-Finish The Course

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This was one of those days where I left class knowing that most of my students “got it” It was very effective and fun in the process. The advance work and preparation were worth every minute and, in reality, did not take as many minutes to set up as it may appear.After we completed the obstacle course activity, I had them gather around the “Eternal Life” sign at the end of the obstacle course. We discussed how it will feel to say to the Lord, I fought the good fight, I finished my course, I did my best.
2 Timothy 4:5-8 In Paul’s final epistle, he declares:Watch all thingsEndure afflictionsDo the work of an evangelistMake full proof of thy ministryI have fought the good fightI have finished my courseI have kept the faithThere is a crown of righteousness laid up for me 
We compared Paul’s afflictions and trials to some that we have in our time.We discussed the need for us to fight our own good fight, finish our course, and earn our own crown of righteousness. To reinforce these principles, I set up an obstacle course for my class. 
Here are the main components of this activity:

  • Objects (obstacles) within a boundary
  • Labels on the objects (Bad thoughts, inappropriate media, bullying, lying, cheating, immodesty, early and serious dating before 16 and/or missions and college, smoking, etc.)
  • 3 Noise makers (see photos-I used plastic bowls and spoons) representing the Noise and Temptation from the world. Have these 3 students stand on one side of the obstacle course and bang on the bowls as the students on the opposite side try to give direction on how to avoid the obstacles and make it through the course. They can also yell out instructions that will lead those on the course to stumble and bump into obstacles.
  • Signs for those on the opposite side that list Good Choices and following the Spirit (daily prayer, scripture, dressing modestly, partaking of the sacrament, keeping the Sabbath day holy, etc) Have these students yell directions that will get those on the course safely to the end without hitting obstacles.
  • Blindfolds for those going through obstacle course ( Due to the number of students in my class,I had 3 students at a time go through but 1 at a time would be better)
  • “Eternal Life” sign at the end of the course
  • Crowns of righteousness at the end of the course
  • Any other objects to make it more difficult (I used pool noodles across chairs)

There are a lot of photos below, but each one may answer questions and give a better idea than my written explanation.
 Labels on each obstacle…
 More labels…
 Pool noodles between 2 chairs
 Sign at end..they had to touch it to complete the course.

 Noise makers…
 On your mark, get set, go…
 I did not make this a race…just like life is not a race against each other and we are all on our own course to return to our Heavenly Father.
Each of us will get there in a little bit different time and way.
 The “good choices” on the side lines giving direction.
 Finding her way…
 The voices for good…
 The noise and temptations of the world… even though there were only 3 of them, they were louder than 10 good voices. At one point, they got up close to someone on the course. I told the students that this is how the temptations of the world work..they get louder and closer, so you need to be prepared to listen and follow the still, steady voices (the Spirit)

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