{Fhe} Preparing For Baptism

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My little boy (my oldest) turns 8 in a little less than 4 months! How can that be?!?! I swear I just had that kid!
The other night, after my children went to bed, I had a thought come into my mind….“Kameron is almost ready to be baptized, have you taught him about baptism?”I knew the answer…NO! With life being so busy we have kind of put that on the back burner. He goes to primary, isn’t Primary enough…NO! Sigh, what to do?Later that night as I lie in bed I decided to look on LDS.org. As I scrolled down the Home Page guess what one of the articles was?“Is Your Child Ready For Baptism?”Alright…Alright! I get the hint!I knew that I needed to start preparing my sweet little boy for his baptism.
The next day {Monday} I sat down and planned an FHE lesson on baptism. Here is what we did.
I knew that I wanted to discuss the basics of baptism, the how’s, what’s why’s, etc. But what could we do to keep them interested in the lesson. That’s when I thought of the Punch-a-Box. My daughter was just reminding me about the fun ‘punching game’, so I knew if we did this they would enjoy it.
I got to work making my Punch-a-Box. Luckily, I had a foam board, plastic cups, and blue tissue paper. I got my supplies and started creating our board. I decided since my son is turning ‘8’ I would put the cups into the shape of an ‘8’. 
Now for the questions that go inside of each cup. I found questions and scenarios about baptism on LDS.org. I typed them up and cut them into strips. Then we placed the questions inside each of the cups. I placed the scripture questions in the top half of the ‘8’. Then in the bottom half of the ‘8’ I placed ‘What Should I Do’ scenario questions. You can also place some little treats inside along with the questions.
After all of our questions were inside of a cup we covered up the cups with blue tissue paper. For this I just cut square pieces of tissue paper {make sure they’re larger than the mouth of the cup}. 

Place a piece of tissue paper over a cup and then place a rubber band around it.I had a little helper which made it so much easier. I held the tissue paper around the cup and she put the rubber band on. 
My kiddos were so excited for FHE because they knew what we were doing.
I began the lesson by having my son recite the 4th Article of Faith. I decided to make a poster for the Article of Faith, so that we could use over the next couple of weeks, here’s what it looks like:

After we read and discussed the Article of Faith I had a short object type lesson that I found in The Friend {July 2005}.Then we got to the ‘fun’ activity. We each took a turn punching a box, retrieving the question, and discussing it.We only got through 6 questions, but we decided to continue our game over the next few Mondays.
Do you have a child preparing for Baptism? Would you like to have your own FHE to help prepare them?Just click the link below! I have provided my FHE lesson plan (includes what we did and the questions we used) and my 4th Article of Faith printable! YAY! 
Click HERE to print my ‘Preparing For Baptism’ FHE.
I will be sure to share anything else we end up doing as we prepare our son for his special day.Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day!

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