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At the beginning of the year, I had my class answer these questions:

Name:___________________________How do you like to learn scripture mastery?
Why do you come to seminary?
What do you hope to learn this year?
Explain one or two things you have not enjoyed about seminary and HOW you would change it if you could.
Finish the sentence: The best thing about seminary is…
What are your goals for the year? (Scripture mastery, attendance, stake awards…)

Today I had them answer these:
New Testament 2012-2013What was the greatest thing you learned this year about our Savior Jesus Christ?
Did you accomplish your goal this year? If not, why?
Explain what you liked about seminary this year
What would you change about seminary and the way it is taught?  (Do not put down you would change the time seminary is taught….after all, we are called “Early Morning Seminary” for a reason)
I loved reading their answers. It gave me some wonderful insight as to how to teach them, what worked and what did not.
Try it, it just might surprise you what your students say.
What do you do to receive feedback from your class?

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