Fathers Day Pie Day!

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We recently we had our 2nd annual Pies for Fathers Day – just like last year, it was a big success, and I think we will continue this tradition for a while! Instead of passing out a candy bar or something like that at the end of Sacrament meeting, our ward does something a little different.

On the Saturday before Fathers Day, each of the classes met together with their leader (ie; Beehives with the 2nd Counselor in the YW Presidency) for “pie day.” Each class made a certain number of pies (# of pies and type of pies were determined at the previous YW Presidency mtg).

Our bishop announces in Sacrament meeting (on Fathers Day) that the adult men will be excused from their priesthood classes 10 minutes early. (As a bonus, hopefully this encourages some of the men who might be tempted to leave church early to stay until the end of the 3-hour block?). Meanwhile, the Young Women and their leaders leave their 3rd hour class about 15 minutes early and head to the kitchen to serve pie! Instead of pre-dishing-out the pie, we had the girls each take a pie and slice it themselves. Then, as the men arrived and entered the kitchen, they could select the type of pie they wanted and the young woman responsible for that pie would serve it to them.

We had the YW serve the pies and some of the YW leaders dispensed cool whip. If you have a very small number of yw (more pies than leaders & yw combined) OR a very large number of men that would have to come through the kitchen, then it might work better to pre-plate the pies and have them laid out on the counter or on a table. We prefer to have the girls directly serving the pie if possible, I think it gives them a better sense of ownership for the pies.

We’ve found that since they are all in different classes and some are quicker than others, the men don’t arrive all at once to claim their pie, so it is a steady flow of men instead of 100 men ready for pie at once.

We have a smaller ward with an average Sacrament attendance of about 125, so we planned for about 50 men.

Our assignments were:
Laurels: 3 fruit pies
Mia Maids: 3 pudding pies (chocolate and/or chocolate peanut butter)
Beehives: 3 pies (2 lemon, 1 pumpkin pie)

We ended up with a few extra pies (myself and one of the other leaders making one extra pie, just in case!), so we even had plenty for the young men to eat, and then all of the yw got a piece as well. We were careful to make sure that the adult men were served first, though! Some of the girls tried to hide pieces of their favorite pie to make sure they got the piece they wanted, so I tried to gently explain that this is a service we are offering to the men to show our gratitude, so we need to make sure that they are served their first choice before we have leftovers.

Here are a few of our YW with some of the pies we made this year!

One last note – Because of schedule conflicts, I was unable to get any of my class (the Mia Maids) together to make pies on “pie day” Saturday, so I was afraid that I would have to make the Mia Maid pies myself. Not that I would have minded making the pies, but the point was for the YW to serve the fathers (and, as a bonus, to get some cooking experience). Instead of meeting together to make pies together, I talked to the girls (who were willing to participate) a few days beforehand and asked them to take home pie supplies (provided) and bring a completed pie to church on Sunday. We were in charge of the no-bake pudding pies, so I bought each girl 2 boxes of instant pudding and a pre-made graham cracker crust. I put them in a ziplock bag and printed out very clear instructions on what to do and when to bring the pie. I was careful to mention – several times – that the pies had to be kept refrigerated! I sent pie supplies home with 2 girls and they both brought completed pies, so even though it would have been more ideal to make pies together, I think it worked great as an alternative! I would recommend this only with no-bake pudding pies, though!

PS – Don’t forget the paper plates and forks, unless you want to wash dishes!

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