{Father’s Day} “great Pop” Father’s Day Popcorn Label

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Father’s Day is a little over a week away…do you know what you’re giving to the special men in your life? Well I don’t, so if you have any really good ideas then please share! :)
Today I wanted to share a great Father’s Day gift idea that you could do with your children or the children in your Primary.

I created a Popcorn label for a quick and simple Father’s Day Gift. But I wanted more than just a note on the front that said “Happy Father’s Day”, so on the back of the label I added a quick little questionnaire for the kiddos to fill out.I am loving these questionnaires! My children filled one out for Mother’s Day and I loved it. Their answers were sweet and some were very funny. 
Here is what the labels look like: {Popcorn image from Clker.com}I have created a label for Dad, Grandpa, and also a label without the questionnaire.
If you think someone you know would like their very own ‘Great Pop’ bag of popcorn then just click the link below and Print it out!
Click HERE to print out the ‘Dad’ Popcorn Label.Click HERE to print out the ‘Grandpa’ Popcorn Label.Click HERE to print out the Blank Popcorn Label. 

How To Use the Popcorn LabelFirst,  you need to print out the labels that you need and grab some bags of popcorn.
If you are using this for Primary you can buy a huge box of popcorn from CostCo or Sams and save alot!

Next, you will need to cut out the labels (you’ll just be trimming off the sides). With the label face-down, place a bag of popcorn on top. Make sure the popcorn is placed in the correct spot. You want the popcorn on top of the “Happy Father’s Day to a great POP!” section.

 Now, fold over the top section of the label and tape to the popcorn.

  Place small pieces of tap or glue the bottom section of the label. All you need to glue/tape is the bottom edge of the label. Fold the label over and press down to make sure it adheres.

 After your label is on…fill the questionnaire out!You could obviously do the questionnaire before too. Either way works just as well.If you’re doing this for a large group I figured you could wrap all of the packages of popcorn and then just have the children fill the questionnaire out.
I hope you like my Father’s Day Popcorn label as much as I do.Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day!sheena

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