Father’s Day: Cut The Tie

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A classic Father’s Day activity is Cut The Tie. I’ve seen it done many time in various Primaries. 

  • Invite the Bishop or the Bishopric Member over Primary to come in. Pre-plan that he will be wearing an old tie that he doesn’t care about, or one from the thrift shop. 
  • Sing
  • Cut off a piece of the tie (from the bottom up) – the size you cut is determined by how well they sang

We have a Daddy who plays the piano in our Ward. I was thinking of asking him to come in and play that week. I’d cut the Bishopric’s tie for the first 10 minutes, then for the rest of the time I’d cut a really LONG tie that I’d unroll from the Pianist up and over the piano. I think the kids would get a kick out of it.  :)

*Note: Every time I’ve seen Cut The Tie done the kids love it. Except once. When my daughter was a Sunbeam the Primary Presidency and Bishopric really played up how much the tie was his faaaaavorite ever, ever, ever tie. As soon as they got out the scissors to cut his tie she started screaming and bawling her little Sunbeam eyes out. Her first experience with this activity was a disaster. Every time they got the scissors out she had a squealing sobbing episode, “…NO! Not his favorite tiiiiiiie!“.

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