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To go with the July 2013 song, go on a “Family Vacation”. I want to do this the 2nd week in July, when the outline talks things you can do as a family.

ONE WAY – Pack items that represent songs to sing.
IE: scriptures (Book of Mormon Stories), picture of child praying (Child’s Prayer, Pray In Faith, ), board game (Family Night, The Family), go for a walk (Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked)…

ANOTHER OPTION – Each object is a *way to sing (when learning a song and repeating it over and over). *I have a cardboard puzzle map of the USA. We’ll pull out a state that we’re “visiting” and sing-like…

  • TEXAS – “horsey feet” while you sing like a cowboy
  • SOUTH DAKOTA – Mt Rushmore, sing stiff like a statue, don’t move a muscle in your face
  • NEW YORK – sing Broadway style or Metropolitan Opera
  • OREGON – rain fingers, sing staccato
  • ALASKA – sing shivering with teeth chattering
  • LOUISIANA – MardiGras parades!, march in place
  • OKLAHOMA – Tornado Alley, spin in circles
  • WASHINGTON DC – sing proudly with hand on heart
  • HAWAII – do the hula, sing only the vowels
  • ARIZONA – Grand Canyon, echo the last word of the phrase
  • UTAH – sing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • IDAHO – whistle like a Farmer
  • CALIFORNIA – do the wave
  • FLORIDA – hand shark fin, sing with shark teeth bared
  • NEVADA – it’s the desert out there, sing thirsty
  • TENNESSEE – Nashville, strum the guitar and sing with a ‘twang
  • MISSISSIPPI – hold out the “S’s” when you sssssssing!
  • INDIANA – Indiana 500, sing super speedy
  • OHIO – change all vowels to “O’s”
  • WYOMING – make bear claws and sing growly like a bear
  • IOWA – “grow” like a stalk of corn while you sing
  • KENTUCKY – Kentucky Derby, ride a horse

***I am also thinking of using my Singing Meter Board, turning it sideways and putting car pictures on it. To make the car go we have to sing reverent forte! (see pic of the cars in the previous link)


  • The kids liked it. It’s more appropriate for JR, my SR can get a little out of hand when we do ‘sing-like-a’.
  • I had too many options. We had fun, but we didn’t get to do the most fun ones. 

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