Families Can Be Together Forever Flip Chart

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Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few months.  I truly thought I would have time to continue to post things that I have done from years past and share more helpful tips and ideas after I was released, but alas, life somehow finds ways to fill in those supposedly extra time slots and life continues on more busier than ever. 

Thought I would at least try and post the flip chart for this month’s song in case you are still in need of one.  I only have the chorus in there one time, so print the chorus twice if you want to have it for each verse.

I’ll try and post my poster for next month’s song “A Child’s Prayer” as well— hopefully soon.  

Hope you are enjoying singing time! I sure miss it but do get opportunities to sub. 

Families Can Be Together Forever-Nalani-FC by nbirdhouse

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