Families Can Be Sealed For Eternity

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picture from LDS image Library

Show family figurines.

Explain that these people are a family.Put all of the people in the bag with the temple picture on it.Seal the bag – make a big deal of “sealing” it.Turn the bag upside down and show how the people all stay together inside the bag.Explain that through Temple marriage our families can be sealed together and can be together forever.
Take the temple picture off the bag. Unseal the bag and turn it upside down. Let the people fall out.
Explain how the bag wasn’t sealed and even though they had a good family and were happy while they lived on Earth, the family wasn’t sealed together and they didn’t stay together for eternity.
Explain that we can go to the Temple to do the work for our immediate family – the family members we see every day, and also for our family members who have died and didn’t have the chance to do the work while they were on the Earth. Jesus Christ made it possible for us to be together forever as families.
Show the picture of the Temple.
Explain that in the Temple we make sacred Covenants that bind us together for eternity if we choose to live righteously in this life.

  • 1 gallon Ziplock bag
  • Figurines of Pictures representing family members
  • Temple Picture



  • Be sensitive to those with different family situations.
  • Really emphasize that this is for their future family. THEY can get married in the Temple and have THEIR kids sealed to them. Or, that they can do Temple work for their family that has passed on and didn’t have a chance to have the Gospel on the Earth. This lesson could make a child currently in an unfortunate situation feel sad.  :(
  • I could tell the kids “got it” with this demonstration. They liked it.


*Original idea from The Idea Door
**Adapted by The Crazy Chorister***Readapted by PN29 (Ashlie Johansen)

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