Face Painting Activity – Gaining Skills For Service

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I came across the idea for doing face-painting as an activity when a pin on Pinterest led me to this site: LDS LEMON”AIDS” At first I thought that sounded more like an Activity Days activity, but the more I thought about it, the more I loved it – especially for a Beehive class activity!

The purpose behind learning how to face-paint was to teach the girls a skill that they may be able to use for service. Whenever we have a ward party (Halloween, 4th of July, etc) the young women usually get asked to make centerpieces for the tables. Which is fine, but I thought it would be so fun if the girls knew how to face-paint and could offer that as a service.

I also mentioned to the girls that if they were to purchase their own supplies and practice on their own, they might be able to develop a skill that could earn them extra money in the future (they could be paid to paint faces for kids birthday parties and things like that).

I purchased a good-sized Snazaroo face-painting kit through Amazon THIS is the one I got and it was around $16.00 and I had free shipping through my Amazon Prime membership. It only comes with 2 or 3 little brushes, so I bought some extra paintbrushes at Walmart (we expected about 8-10 girls, so I got 16 brushes). (PS- they barely used any of the paint – this kit will be kept in the YW closet and can definitely be used many more times for practice or for “real” face painting).

I went on the internet and printed out some examples of simple and fancy face-painting – some were very intricate and some were just a simple ladybug on the cheek. They used some of these examples for their creations. There were also some examples in the booklet that came with the kit.

Before we started, I talked about some of the basics (I am not an experienced face-painter, but I looked up some information online) like sanitation (washing brushes) and not mixing colors in the palette, start with the main colors first and then add the details last, etc.

The Snazaoroo website HERE has a lot of good information and instructional videos. Our girls just wanted to get started, so we let them go!

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