Ether 7-11

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Ether 7-11. put together a scavenger hunt with pictures I had taken all over the building. They had to figure out what the picture was and where it was located. If they guessed correctly, they found a scripture clue. It was fun watching them scurrying all over the building.

 They were running so fast, I could not get a clear picture of them! As one student commented, “This got my blood pumping! I am ready for school now!”
Just read through the chapters, pick out what you want them to know. Make up questions that they have to look up in the scriptures. Number the questions, place the questions by the object. As they look at the master sheet of picture clues, they will run to find the right spot, read the scripture, answer the question on the back of the sheet, read the next clue and go find the spot again.  

When they were all finished, we gathered back in our room to discuss the questions.

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