End Of Year Sacrament Meeting

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 Seminary is over for this year!
We ended with a Sacrament Meeting in both Wards. My students attended both Wards in our building, the Seniors spoke and the entire class sang.
I recognized the students for their accomplishments such as Scriptorian, Master Scriptorian, Reading, and Attendance.
It was a wonderful way to end our year.
This is a AMAZING group of young women and men.
The entire class! The girls! The boys The Freshmen The Sophomores The Juniors The Seniors The MASTER SCRIPTORIANS!!!!( I have a few students who will complete their Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery over the summer before class starts in August. These kids are incredible! The boys after the photo session. (They were good sports about all the picture taking) Two of my students after our big photo session.I will miss the Seniors.Enjoy summer and I will see you August 19!

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