Easter Ideas

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Make or print clipart images of non-matching Easter eggs.  You will need at least 12-16 (for a total of 6-8 matches).  Write numbers, song titles, lines from songs (“Whenever I hear the song of a bird” on one & “or look at the blue, blue sky” on the other), or keywords for songs on the back of each egg.  Pictures representing the topic/keyword of the songs would also work.  Lay them out on the table or tape them to the chalkboard.  Have a child try to make a match.  Whenever a match is made, sing the corresponding song.

Easter “Do As I’m Doing”
I purchased these masks & ears from the Target dollar section, but I have seen similar items at Michael’s.  Make Easter action cards that say, “Hop like a bunny”, “Peck like a chick”, “Roll like an egg”, “Gambol like a lamb”, etc.  Simply have a child draw a card & lead the rest of the children in “Do As I’m Doing” Easter style!  Have him or her wear the mask or ears that corresponds to the card chosen.

Easter Egg Hunt
Place song titles in plastic Easter eggs & hide them around the room.  Choose a child to find an egg.  Sing the song inside.

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