Easter Egg Punch Board

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Ask the children if they knew why we use eggs in our Easter celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.
(*The living bird coming out of the egg is a reminder of the living Christ coming out of the tomb on the third day.)Say: We are going to open Easter eggs today [show the Easter egg punch board].(*To break open an egg, a child had to peck at it with their finger, like a baby bird would peck to break the shell of an egg.)
Ways to use the punch board are:
Lyric/Picture Match Up:A picture from a punch egg matches the lyrics on the board.
Easter Symbols:Inside each punch hole is a picture or an object representing of an Easter symbol. Talk about the Easter symbol and then sing a coordinating Primary song.
Easter Questions:Inside each punch hole is a Easter related question.

Song Review:
Inside each punch hole is a song to sing.
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  • foam board 20″x30.5″
  • a knife
  • lunch bags
  • multi-color pack of gift tissue paper
  • double -sided permanent tape
  • word strips


  1. Cut out twelve 3 3/4 inch round holes on the foam board with a knife. 
  2. Cut about 2 1/2 inches off the top of each lunch bag. Cut a slit 1 1/2 inches deep on each of the top four corners of the bags. Fold back the four edges. Put an open bag over a hole on the foam board and tape the folded back edges to the foam board. 
  3. Cut out and roll up each word strip. Put each word strip into one of the paper bag openings on the board.
  4. Cut out 12 egg shapes from the tissue paper. The eggs were each 4 1/2 inches wide and 5 3/4 inches tall. Placed pieces of double sided tape around the outsides edges of the holes and put a tissue egg over each hole.
  5. *If you have 2 Primaries (Jr and SR) – Cut out 12 more eggs shapes from the tissue to replace everything for the next session

*idea modified from Teaching LDS Children

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