Does anyone know where the terms ward and branch came from

By Sharon Lanier Rogerson Sharon Lanier Rogerson:
Does anyone know where the terms Ward and Branch came from? My students were fascinated this morning by the explanation of the tent and why we call a group of wards a Stake and that it references the vs in Isaiah. They then wanted to know where the term ward and branch originated. I’ve researched, I will admit not too extensively, but I thought I would ask to see if anyone on this page knew. Thanks.
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Elaine Henson: I believe they literally just refer to local groups or congregations of people. Just like we have ‘political’ divisions by where you live – when I vote I have to vote in my ward. (6 hours ago)

Jenny Smith: I think it’s because “wards” are geographical divisions, and as you know, the first plans for gathering the saints were based on cities designed for the United Order, which as they grew, would be divided into wards for practicality’s sake. The Wiki pretty much agrees.

Wards used to be much larger–sometimes 1000 people in just one ward. Smaller units allow more to serve and distribute responsibilities more evenly. (6 hours ago)

Jenny Smith: A Branch is a smaller thing that comes off a bigger (like a tree or river). You could liken it to the Olive Tree Allegory in Jacob 5, where the “branches” are scattered throughout the vineyard, but I don’t know any historical stuff for this term. Maybe someone else does, though. (6 hours ago)

Barb Gardner: Nauvoo was divided into political wards as it grew and Joseph finally Read More

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