Does anyone else have their child in class?

Does anyone else have their child in class? If so, do you treat them any different? My son told me he is tired of me using him as an example of both good and bad. That it is hard for me to expect so much of him so early in the morning. He wants a new teacher. I'm so sad.
I did the last time I taught seminary years ago. Had the same experience, so he and I made a deal. He would continue in my class and I wouldn't use him as an example any more. We didn't have any problems after that.
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I have three of my own children in class and I try really hard to only use them if I've asked them ahead of time in my lessons. I also make a point of at home letting them know that I appeciate little things they do in class. It is difficult to be mom and teacher/ stay strong.
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I have my daughter. I don't mean to treat her different. the trick for us is that she is the one that knows answers and happily answers questions. The rest of the class are silent. I, at first, asked her not to share so much so that others might take the opportunity. No one else spoke up, so now she answers when she wants. I try NOT to use her as an example though.
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Have my daughter and we have an agreement. She doesn't answer everything without giving others a chance and I only tell funny stories about her mom.
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Get a blessing this will help you to see your path with your son. My son is my only student. I seek blessing to keep know the direction to follow to teach him the way the spirit will touch him, and use him in the time the Lord has need of him. I have seen a great change when I fasted and pray to know what is needed of me to teach my son. He has Autism and the Lord has trust you teach your child for a reason seek it out your son will welcome you to teach him again. Have your son pray for you also this loving bond will be made. Praying for you Tiffany Reid Fairchild The Lord has chosen you because he trusts you to teach the future missionaries and warriors of light. They need these lesson to help them through trials that this world has not seen yet.
I have my son in my class - his first year in seminary - and last year I had my daughter in her 4th year - when I was called, my bishop and stake president advised me to treat her as if she was someone elses child so as not to put her into a difficult position or draw any undue/extra attention to her - they also advised that I not use experiences involving her in class and rather let HER use those personal experiences herself if she so chose to. The previous and previous teacher had a child in the class and constantly used that child as an example - the child felt put out and so did the rest of the class - it had a negative effect on them because it was done so often. I really took that counsel to heart and have never had a problem...if when I share experiences that involve my own child, I would rather say "I know of an experience that a mother once had with her child..." and tell the story. Strength to you and praying that you'll find a solution that will benefit you both x x x x x
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Yes I do. I met with my CES director before classes started and here is his advice and what I have done to handle it : he told me to try as hard as I can to treat him exactly the same. That has worked pretty well and I try not to use him as an example. I also got him a ride in a carpool so he shows up to seminary just like everyone else. I try not to call on him or put him on the spot more than anyone else. Another great piece of advice from my CES Director... Never ask them outside of class how they liked the lesson or ask their opinion about future lessons! It's worked out well although sometimes I have to 'talk' to myself during a lesson to remember not to do these things I just listed! Hope things get better for you!!
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Hi, first things first don't stress. I have had many church callings in which I have taught my children, including this time I have two of my daughters in my class. My philosophy has always been treat them as a normal student, I do not expect anything from them, in fact I tend to sit back a little, I do sometimes pull them up on behaviour at home, or rather I let their dad deal with it. I have taught my children in primary, Sunday school and young women's, I all of these roles if there has been times they have needed discipline I have always told my counsellor's or my husband has dealt with it. It is wonderful for us as parents but actually a complete nightmare for our teenagers to have us in their learning, peer environment, some days are better than others, but remember to be sensitive to them, we can take this but they are trying to develop, build relationships and learn the gospel all under the watchful eyes of their parent not easy and to them not cool. Be brave love your child and at seminary just be his teacher xxx
Yes I do and I've tried really hard not to use him as an example or to embarrass him. He hates the spotlight, so that was just something I decided before I started teaching. That was really hard though because we just moved into this ward before school started, so I didn't know any of the students well at all, so I just don't really use any of the students as examples. I liked what Mandy McNicol Erasmus said because that is what the default was for me (letting each share their own experiences) and it has been really nice for our class.
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I have 4 of my own! I just treat them like any other student...even though they call me mom :)
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my triplets (all boys) are among my students but it hasn't caused any issues. i do get more aggravated when i see one of my own falling asleep or whispering to his neighbor, but i never treat them any differently from the other students. seems to work out ok. we're in our 3rd year.
Lori Floyd Tomkinson! I didn't know you were seminary teacher! I am too! This is my first year. We have 20 students. It's challenging at times but I love it! It's fun having Lauren in class and next fall I'll have Dallen! (I haven't experienced any problems having my child in class.)
Air hugs to you and your beautiful family!

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