Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Mastery Quizzes

Learning the keywords to references is essential to scripture chasing and being able to use the scriptures in the future. Here is a great handful of quizzes that help your students learn the key words and references. You will notice there are two attachments below.

The first attachment has 8 quizzes (for the first 13 Mastery scriptures) and the second attachment has 8 quizzes (for the last 12 Mastery scriptures). You could give one quiz a day for two weeks and then focus on the last 12 scripture masteries for two weeks. Or you may want to spread things out more. Thank you to Brother Eric Richards for passing this along!

Remember that when you give key words, and they are not able to give the answer, give them a hint from the mnemonics or rhyme, or what every you have been using to learn them. You can CLICK HERE to see the mnemonics I have provided for the Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Masteries.
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