Doctrine and Covenants Church History Symposium

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller)

Often I feel jealous of the seminary teachers in Utah. They have access to so much information, classes, stores and ideas. Being in the mission field, is a bit harder.
This year, teaching the Doctrine and Covenants Church History…
Well, I am in my wheel house so to speak!!
Where I live, in Central NY, is the birthplace of the beginnings of the restored church!
How cool is that?
In August, the area seminary teachers were spoiled!
Here is the program:

we met at the Palymra NY stake center.
For the workshops we traveled to various church history sites
The Smith Family Farm
The Hill Cumorah
The Grandin building, where the Book of Mormon was first printed
Warning: There will be quite a few pictures….
Here is the visitor center at 8AM as we were driving by the Hill Cumorah
After our workshops, we were encouraged to take some tours…

The Grandin building is a small building, it is tall and not very wide. The stairs leading upstairs are steep and narrow. This is what it would have looked like when entering the front door of the shop.

The Narrow staircase on the right…
See the ink on the back wall? That is original!
It has been there since the Book of Mormon was published.
The pages of the book of Mormon were hung to dry
The typeset was placed in composing sticks
Inking table
The typeset is so small
A person could get a headache looking at the small letters all day!
One of the workshops was at the Sacred Grove visitor center
where we learned about the various accounts of the First Vision
(back cover)

Another booklet given to us during a class on Receiving Personal Revelation
(front cover)
Look at this art work, is it not beautiful?
Is it a painting?
Stained class window?
Can you believe it is carpet???
It hangs in the Hill Cumorah visitor center, in an area that the public doesn’t get to go.
Joseph Smith farm
This home is just up the path from the Sacred Grove
Years ago we used to be able to go upstairs in the Joseph Smith home.
It was amazing to see just how small the sleeping area is up there,
where the angel Moroni appeared to him.
Now a days, no one is allowed up there, how sad. We are only allowed downstairs.
On the right is the Sacred Grove visitor center
The trees in the background is the Sacred Grove
My husband and son came along for the day.
Here we are standing in the Sacred Grove
standing on the path by the Joseph Smith home/Sacred Grove…
you can see the Palmyra Temple
Can you see Angel Moroni standing majestically in the center of the trees?
Driving up to the top of the Hill Cumorah
At the top, this is where the Hill Cumorah Pageant takes place every July

(Yes, I am waving Hi to all of you)

I love this picture on the back of the booklet we received…
Here is my son, he was about to leave for his mission when he attended this
The last of the “Witness Trees” are about gone.
These trees were alive when Joseph Smith had The First Vision
Now…we need to be new witnesses
He is ready to be “A New Witness”
for His Savior, Jesus Christ, and His restored Gospel.

Source:: Seminary Moments – Pam Mueller

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