Do you complete the work like students?

By Khipi Parker Khipi Parker:
I’m not sure how to best ask this question and I hope it makes sense….As a teacher, do you complete the work like a student would? In other words, do you do the home-study/make-up version of the lessons, mark your scriptures, and/or keep a seminary/scripture journal?
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Coleen Machiel Castro: Yes! I keep a scripture notebook as I read the years course during the summer n use it in my lessons. (4 hours ago) 1

Rachel Young McClelland: I absolutely do. When I have my students teach scripture mastery I sit there and take notes just like they are supposed to do. (4 hours ago) 1

Janalea Carlisle Working: I have though about using the scripture journal. I do mark my scriptures and put in notes that I share with my class. I also mark my scriptures in class. This is a great question! Thank you for asking. (4 hours ago) 2

Kathy Smith: I teach home study and so I do all the lessons. That makes it easier for me to make sense of their answers when I check their journals. (4 hours ago) 1

Jenny Smith: Are you a home study / weekly teacher? I am, and I do not complete the activities in the study guide each week, but I do read them all. I read the scripture block and then the study guide and then the lessons in the regular manual, plus the home study lesson. I don’t want to repeat too much of what was in the study guide workbook, but it has the better quotes. My class is senior citizens and only a few do the units in the study guide workbook, but I harp on them about reading the scripture block before they come to class, and most do. One can’t because she is severely vision and hearing impaired, but she does the best she can. (3 hours ago) 2

Jenny Smith: As for marking scriptures, I do while I read, yes, and I keep a blank notebook nearby to jot down lesson ideas as they come while I read the block. Those notes are my lesson frame, and then I use the manuals and stuff here or elsewhere to for the ideas that came to me while I was studying for class, if that makes sense. (3 hours ago) 2

Becky Clinton: I am teaching home-study this year and I absolutely do all the lessons the students do in their student study guides and scripture study journals. However, personally, my journal is my scriptures. They are extensively annotated and marked. (3 hours ago) Read More

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