Did Jesus Really Live Again? Song Actions

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/11/did-jesus-really-live-again-song-actions.html

Not Sign Language, but SONG ACTIONS:
Did Jesus really live again   (hold hands out with palms up)
Yes, when the third day came   (three fingers)
He wakened and he left the tomb   (walk in place)
He called Mary’s name   (cup hands around mouth)
Did Jesus come to those he loved   (Put hands over heart)
Yes, people touched his feet   (bend over and touch feet),
And of the fish and honeycomb  (wiggle hand back and forth like a fish swimming)
He did truly eat   (pantomime eating).
And there were nail prints in his hands   (point to hand)
And a spear wound in his side   (point to side)
Did Jesus really live again after he had died   (hold hands out with palms up)
Oh yes! And so shall I   (nod head)!

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