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Our devotionals have been lack luster lately. I have let the students get lax.

Our CES director has asked that the student chosen to be in charge of the devotional that day:

1. Stand at the front of the class
2. Welcome the class
3. Choose a hymn to be sung by the class
4. Say the opening prayer
5. Give a Spiritual Thought (based on last nights reading)

Many of the class members come in late, thus leaving me, the class president, and one other student there on time. SO…we three have taken turns choosing the hymn and saying the prayer.
When the person assigned to give the devotional that day shows up, they will give the spiritual thought at the end of class. Often it is hurried and not well thought out.

I ran across this lesson idea for called: “How to give a great spiritual thought”

Maybe giving this lesson will help our class have less of this….
and more of this…Confidence
Do any of you have ideas on devotionals? Do they run smoothly in your class?Leave a comment and I will happily share your ideas so we can all learn from one another.

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