D&C SM Rhymes?

By Dorianne Quinton Varty
Dorianne Quinton Varty:
Has anyone come up with, or found clues or rhymes to help remember SM references? It’s hard this year when they’re all numbers instead of book names! So far I’ve only got 2:
Peace in me in 19:23
Cleaving to covenants will help you stay clean in D&C 25:13.
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Corrie Taylor Dewsnup: There is a good song on YouTube titled “D&C scripture mastery” by Matt Bardsley that is 1:55 long and not too irreverent. It’s helped my students a lot. (8 hours ago) 1

Lori Crabtree Clark: Send me your e-mail in my inbox, and I will e-mail what I have. I also add pictures for those who are more visual learners. (8 hours ago) 1

Susan Barrett: We made up rhymes for section numbers and not verse message me your email and I will share also (4 hours ago) 1

Jennifer Simms Hansen: (3 hours ago)

Jennifer Simms Hansen: P.s. these aren’t mine…I found this posted by someone at the beginning of the year :-) (3 hours ago)

Courtney Allsop Christensen: one of my students came up with one for D&C 25 which comes from “covenants alive” she read a sign that said “drive 25 and keep kids alive” Also to help distinguish between the two D&C section 18 the first one is worth of souls is “great” (one word) the second one says “great joy” (2 words) (1 hour ago) 1

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