D&C Mnemonics Handout

As I have talked about in past posts, to learn the Scripture Masteries, it is best to spotlight one scripture a week. BUT you can’t very well scripture chase with only one scripture you have learned. Well the document here (front and back) has all the mnemonics for the D&C. On a “Flexible day” in the Pacing Guide, you may want to go over the first 6 mnemonics and have your students mark them in their scriptures. Once you have gone over 6 mnemonics, have students quiz each other by one saying the key words (at the top of each mnemonic) and the other say the reference. If they can’t say the reference, have the other student give hints from the mnemonic. After a month, do this again with another 6 mnemonics.

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Source:: NW Seminary Share – John Bushman

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