D&C 65, 66-68, and 70-72

Section 65 is about the Daniel 2 prophecy of the stone cut out of the mountain without hands. The glue- in here has Joseph expressing his vision of how the Church will fill the earth. With this I would have your class take out some paper to answer quiz question from you. Go to lds.org and then under the tab “News”, go under “For News Media”. Then under the tab “Facts and Statistics” you will find a wealth of wonderful information about the Church. Quiz them with question from the page like: How many members of the Church? How many congregations? How many languages do we translate into? Missionaries, temples… See with student can guess closest to the correct numbers.

William E. McLellin plays a central part in D&C 66, 67, 68. The page here gives great information about him and also the rest of the story about his life. In it are lessons about how personal sins can lead one to criticism and fight against the Lord’s chosen leaders. It is also so interesting how he grew to hate Joseph, but his testimony of the Book of Mormon was as solid as can be.

In D&C 70 and 72 the theme of “Stewardship” if very prevalent. Have your class read through D&C 70:3, 4, 9, 11, 12; 72:3, and 16 and look for what is common in all of those verses. Ask them what is a “Steward” and what is a stewardship? Have them list stewardships they have been given like: family, mind, talents, abilities… The read the attachment here on what President McKay taught about stewardships and answering to the Savior. Powerful stuff.
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