D&C 60 and Oobleck

By Sally Avena Sally Avena:
Today for #dandc60 for the section about testimonies, I made some “oobleck” (corn starch and water) to let them handle while we talked about the importance of sharing/using our testimonies. If you ‘use’ the oobleck it’s firm but if you just let it sit it gets all runny and slips through your fingers. Related that to our testimonies and had a great discussion. Good activity on a day when the kids all found out school was canceled due to icy roads after they got to seminary at 5:30 am.
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Katie Kimball Frost: * (1 day ago)

Susan Kendrick: follow (1 day ago)

Cathy Borchardt: great idea!! what’s the ratio cornstarch to water? (1 day ago)

Julie Hunter: . (1 day ago)

Sally Avena: Cathy Borchardt I’ve always just guessed. I just dump cornstarch in a container, pour some water on top and let it soak in. If you try to stir it immediately hardens up, so give yourself a couple of minutes (or prepare ahead of time) before you try to hand it out. There might be some ratio/experiment you could look up on line if you want a better idea. (1 day ago)

Cathy Borchardt: Thanks Sally! (1 day ago)

Julie Leavitt Woodland: Love this thanks ! (23 hours ago)

Khipi Parker: Thank you for this suggestion. We made oobleck this morning and it was so much fun. A great object lesson!! (

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