D&C 46 Double Sided Glue-in

Here is a Double Sided glue-in for D&C 46. There are two wonderful quotes for understanding the Gifts of the Spirit, and the Gift of Tongues. With a double sided glue-in, that means that you can have one quote on one side, and the other quote on the other side of the same glue-in. Just print both pages of the PDF. Then when you make copies, have the copier print with both sides on the same page. Now since it is made as Landscape, you need to load one of the two pages upside-down when you load the copy machine. Otherwise, when it comes out, one of the quotes would be upside down. Play with your copy machine and you will find out what I am talking about.

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File Type: pdf

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Source:: NW Seminary Share – John Bushman

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