D&C 10 Top Secret

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) We were detectives today.
I passed out detective badges that I found on a google search. They had to decorate them and put them on.

Yes, some of them put them on in interesting places!!

I gave each group a file folder labeled “Top Secret”

On the inside of the folder was a white paper, they had to dip a q-tip in colored water and rub it over the paper to see what the case was about…

here is the directions on the left side of the file folder: You are a select group of some of the world’s greatest detectives called together to solve this baffling mystery.
You are instructed to rub a q-tip dipped in colored water over the area below to reveal what the case is about.

Taking their scriptures and something to write with, they broke off into pairs

The race was on…the first detective pair to solve the case ran back to the room where we then talked about the questions and the answers they came up with

Source:: Seminary Moments – Pam Mueller

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