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By Eric Jorgensen Eric Jorgensen:
— A daily learning + get-to-know-you activity —

I thought I would share a teaching practice that has been working really well for my class this year. I call it the “Daily Do Now and Friday Lottery”. It provides a social learning activity at the start of every class which provides a double incentive to come to seminary on time. (Credit: This idea is a modified version of something I originally got from Linda Lance Lamprechtecht.)

Here’s how it works:

Every day: when the student come into class, they pick up a little 2”x2” ticket with a space for their name at the top and some room to write. On the chalk board I have a “Do Now” question. The purpose of the question is two-fold: 1) Get the student’s minds working on the lesson and 2) Learn something about them. Here are some example questions I have used:

“What is a project you completed that was completely your own idea?” (When I was teaching D&C 58:27)

“What is a crazy belief you had when you were very young?” (When I was teaching about false beliefs of early saints)

“What are your 3 favorite kinds of donuts?” (When the students had earned a donut party).

At 6:05, we have our song and prayer, then I immediately pick up all the tickets and I read them out loud to the class and have them guess who wrote them. The students looooove this activity and it usually generates lots of storytelling and discussion. (This is a reward all by itself to the students.)

Friday: On the last day of the week, we have a lottery drawing. I randomly pick 3 tickets and those students get a trip to the “treat bucket”. When the students go up, I re-read their answers, which is fun and gives the class a mini-opportunity to review what happened that week. The students like this as well and from the comments I have heard, they know that they need to come on time to class in order to have a shot at the lottery.

Results – this isn’t really scientific, but I can say that last year I had only one or two students show up before 6:05 and most students showing up after 6:10. This year I usually have at least six students in class before 6:05 and most students arriving before 6:10. I am also noticing a strong and improving camaraderie among the students as they are learning more about each other.
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