Come Unto Christ 2014 Youth Theme Wall-Hanging

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For our 2014 Youth Theme Introduction Activity (a joint/all-girls activity for our ward young women this year), we are doing 2 things: Playing YW (Family) Feud and making take-home wall hangings that go along with the theme. This post will describe the WALL-HANGING- I will have a separate post with the information about the Come Unto Christ themed Family Feud game (see the ‘youth theme’ label on the right side).

 This is a quick, easy, and purposeful craft that takes only about 5 minutes to put together (if you do the prep-work like I did!) but will hopefully have lasting impact in getting the 2014 theme across to our young women-
 The basic idea was to create something they can “make” (or at least put together) that they can take home and hang up in their room or put on their fridge. The format breaks down “reminders” of things they can be doing to come closer to Christ on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.



I’ve seen similar ideas for breaking down “to-do’s” by week, month, etc on Pinterest, but I created these “printables” using picmonkey collage. This isn’t an original idea, but my lists are slightly different than other ones I’ve seen because I’ve adapted them for our girls. You may use these printables, but you may want to consider adapting your lists to local circumstances (such as frequency of temple trips). If you want to use the prints shown on this blog, you should be able to right-click and save them as a photo file (such as .jpg) and then upload them to a site for photo printing.
I had these 5 printables printed as photos (Walgreens, Costco, etc). Try to find a coupon or a mass-quantity deal, because this is 5 photos per person, which can really start adding up if you have a large group or a small budget!
I prepared the backing paper ahead of time because of time constraints. I took 2 identical pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper and taped them together (to make one long piece), then cut it to size (a little bit larger than would be needed for the photos – which creates sort of a frame around the photos. I’m sorry this isn’t very specific instruction, but see the photo of the completed project above and hopefully you’ll get the idea.
I used a variety of prints and they picked out the paper they wanted to use. Then they taped their photos (in order) on their paper.  You could also use a quick-drying glue or sticky dots. Easy!
I hope they will look at this wall-hanging at least a few times (or every day!) and think about choices that they can make to come closer to Christ!

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