Come Follow Me March: How Can Repentance Help Me Everyday?

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This handout/worksheet can be used with Come Follow MeMarch: How Can Repentance Help Me Everyday?
And this bullet from the “Learn Together” section:

  • Assign each young woman to read one of the five aspects of repentance that Elder D. Todd Christofferson identifies in his talk “The Divine Gift of Repentance.” What do the young women learn from this talk about how we can know if we have truly repented? What else do they learn about repentance from Elder Christofferson’s message?

I’m going to put the numbers 1-5 on slips of paper and have the YW draw a piece of paper out of the bag.  They will then work with that group to fill in the blanks for the repentance aspect from Elder Christofferson.  Then, they will write what they learned.  Then each group will take a turn sharing with the class what they learned.
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I made the margins ready to be cut to be glued in our Come Follow Me INBs.
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