{Come Follow Me} January 2014 ‘come Follow Me’ Handouts

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I have a couple “Come Follow Me” handouts to share with all of you today.I decided to use some questions and scriptures from these 2 topics:“How Can I Know My Heavenly Father?”“Why is Jesus Christ Important in My Life?”
One is just a simple handout with 2 questions and scriptures on the bottom.The other is a page that asks questions with space for the girls to answer. There are also scripture references at the bottom of this handout as well.
When I teach I like to use handouts, how about you? And I especially love the ones where the youth have to read and then answer questions, that way it gives them time to really think about the lesson and ponder what we’re learning.I remember when I was in YW I would keep all of my handouts in my scriptures. I would often look back at the many handouts I had and re-read them. So to me handouts are a great tool in teaching especially if they keep the handout and then later look at it and think about what is says.

I love when I have the opportunity to teach the youth. The girls in my ward are amazing and have such strong testimonies…what examples they are to me.
I would love to hear if you use my handouts.

Click HERE to print my “Come Follow Me” Handouts.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day.sheena

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