“come Follow Me” August: Why Is Temple Marriage Important?

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These printable go with the “Come Follow Me” August: Why is temple marriage important?
The above printable can be downloaded here: Our Temple Marriage Was Worth Any Price  or in my Dropbox HEREThis goes with “Introduce the Doctrine” point: 

  • Before the young women arrive in the class, write on the board, “Why is temple marriage important?” Invite them to think about this question as they read “Our Temple Marriage Was Worth Any Price.” Why was temple marriage so important to the couple in this story? Encourage the young women to share their thoughts.

 Wow!  What an awesome example of being steadfast and knowing the importance of getting to the temple!I thought looking at a map would help the girls realize how much of a journey this really was for this couple!I plan to bring in my globe and am going to figure out how much this would be in familiar terms.For example, this is like going from Phoenix, AZ to……Download this printable here: Patterns of a Shopper or in my Dropbox HEREIt includes an “answer key” with Elder Nelson’s quotes too.Great analogy on shopping and types of marriages.What YW wouldn’t like an analogy using SHOPPING! :)I plan to have a couple examples of good & poor quality items.  Plates, Spoons, etc…
This goes with this activity from the lesson:

  • Bring two or three objects (or pictures of objects) that demonstrate varying levels of quality (for example, a plastic spoon and a silver spoon). Ask the young women to discuss why the object of high quality is better than the lower-quality object. Ask the young women to read, watch, or listen to the first part of Elder Russell M. Nelson’s talk “Celestial Marriage,” in which he compares marriage to shopping. What makes temple marriage more valuable than any other kind of marriage? Ask the young women why they want to have a temple marriage.

Download this printable here: Elder & Sister Scott’s Marriage or in my Dropbox HERELove this sweet talk from Elder Scott.  You can feel the love he has for his wife and how much he misses her. So sweet.
This goes with this activity from the lesson:

  • Give each young woman a copy of Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk “The Eternal Blessings of Marriage.” How did Elder Scott feel about his eternal companion? What impresses the young women about his relationship with his wife? Ask them to ponder what it would take to achieve a relationship like Elder and Sister Scott’s.

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