Colossians 1-4, Catch-Phrases On Christ And Christian Conduct

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The effect of the encroaching heresy [an odd blend of Jewish religion and Greek philosophy] was to diminish the preeminence of Jesus Christ. Paul corrected this false idea by teaching that Christ is the very image of God, that He is the Creator, the Head of the Church, the first to be resurrected, a member of the Godhead, the Redeemer, and the “hope of the gospel, which ye have heard” (Colossians 1:15–23).

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We began the activity by defining what a catch-phrase is. We then demonstrated our understanding by recalling common catch-phrases that students are familiar with today–both worldly and religious. Once we had firmly established what a catch-phrase was we did a little experiment to test the epistle for catch-phrases. I asked each student to pick a random verse from any chapter and to read the verse that came before it, the one that they selected, and the one that followed it. I then asked them to raise their hands if they felt that there was a catch-phrase that related to Christ or Christian discipleship in their randomly selected verses. I would as just one or two to share one of their catch-phrases so that we wouldn’t “spoil it” for the students during the rest of the activity. Once we saw that Paul’s epistle to the Colossian saints was fertile ground for catch-phrases, we began to seek them out individually.
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We had a 10 minutes silent-search-study. During that time students were to identify what they felt were Christ-centered or Conduct-focused catch-phrases (as many as possible). After the 10 minute study time was completed, the students selected the catch-phrase that they felt was most relevant to their lives and prepared it to share with the class. The remaining time was used to allow students to share what they chose and why they chose it. This is a great way for students to explain, share, and testify of gospel truths that they have discovered on their own. You can see from the example below that they did an excellent job!

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“Fundamentals of Gospel Teaching and Learning,such as understanding the context and content, identifying,understanding, and feeling the truth and importance of and applying gospel doctrines and principles, are not methods but are outcomes to be achieved. These fundamentals work in harmony with each other and establish a basic pattern that teachers and students can follow to instill the gospel within their minds and hearts.” (Gospel Teaching and Learning [3.1])

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