Colors Of The American Flag Lesson

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*Before the lesson, write the song names on the board. Also have the magic color cups already prepared.

Show an American Flag.

READ the history of the flag:

On June 14, 1777 the U.S. Congress passed it’s first flag resolution saying the flag should have 13 stripes, alternating red and white and have 13 white stars in a blue area. This was to represent the 13 original colonies. Then they added a new star and stripe for each new state. But – the country was growing quickly and it got too hard to keep changing the flag. So, in on April 4, 1818 they passed a new Act that declared that the flag would depict the original 13 red and white stripes and only add one star for each new state.

EXPLAIN what the colors on the flag mean:

The colors of the flag have signifigance. Some say that the colors represent:

  1. Red – Courage
  2. White – Purity and Innocence 
  3. Blue – Justice/Fairness, that all men shall be treated equally

CHOOSE SONG (variation of magic color cups):

  • Have 3 clear cups half-filled with vinegar on the table.
  • Next to them will be 3 spoons.
  • Beforehand, you’ve already put a few drops of food coloring on each spoon (red, white = no food coloring to make it clear, and blue) then baking soda on top of it, so you don’t know what color it will be.
  • Have a child come up and mix solution and see what color it comes out as.
  • Then everyone can guess which song goes with that color based on what they learned about the color’s meaning.

SING (according to the color of the cup):
Red – Courage
*Nephi’s Courage, CSB 120

White – Purity and Innocence
*I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, CSB 78

Blue – Justice/Fairness, that all men shall be treated equally
*Love One Another, 136

My Flag, My Flag – CSB 225
Star Spangeled Banner, Hymn 340

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