Class presidency responsibilities?

By Nancy Willey Blan
Nancy Willey Blan:
For those of you who have a class president in your classrooms, what responsibilities do you give them?
(5 hours ago)

Julee Robinson: We have a sign up sheet for prayers, hymn and devotionals. The president of the week makes sure those things are signed up for by other class members. The president conducts class, sometimes conducts some kind of scripture mastery activity, sometimes help teach the lesson, and brings a treat on Friday. (5 hours ago)

Stephanie Smith Southam: I have co-presidents and they alternate weeks conducting. They also make up part of our seminary council (we have two seminary classes) and help plan our seminary activities. (4 hours ago)

Allison Hawes Bundy: Stephanie Smith Southam, how long have you been teaching Seminary? Two classes in Bismarck? That’s wonderful! (4 hours ago)

Brett Talbot: I have a “company captain” who welcomes the group and turns the time over to a “company chaplain” for a devotional. The “company captain” then shares a scripture mastery scripture. I’ll post my document in case you are interested. (3 hours ago) 1

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