Christmas Seminary Decor

By Dorianne Quinton Varty Dorianne Quinton Varty:
Tomorrow is one month until Christmas. I’m going to set up either a paper tree on the wall, or a fake tree (I have an extra one.) I’ll put a picture of the Savior on it. I’ll put a star on the top that says “Ye are the light of the world.” Every day they can write on a decoration what they did to be a light to the world -a good example, share the gospel, service, etc. These things will be their gifts to the Savior. For decorations I might use just paper in the shapes of Christmas ornaments, or something like candy canes with paper tags on them for them to write on. I know this is more of a Bible theme. Can anyone think of one that goes better with D&C? #christmas
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Tamara Patterson: D&C 12:9, 39:2, 45:7 all reference The Savior being the Light of the World. (10 hours ago) 5

Jeanne Gilmore Merrell: I did something similar last year. To start off, I showed this movie: (9 hours ago) 4

Kendra Holmstead: How about using scripture mastery D&C 58:27 with your idea? Being anxiously engaged and doing many things of your own free will. (8 hours ago) 4

Ricki Martin: Love this!!! (6 hours ago)

Tiffany Eudaily: love this so very much!! Thanks for sharing it. Totally doing it. (5 hours ago)

Susie Waalkes Kershaw: Great idea- maybe after we Read More

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