Christmas ideas – cheap?

By Kristin Walker Kristin Walker:
Please share! I am looking for good ideas for Christmas for my class. I would love your thoughts! Are any of you doing a little gift? Thanks.
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Julie Perry: follow (22 hours ago)

Jeanette Brooks: I have 25 kids so I am defiantly looking for something affordable. (22 hours ago) 1

Patricia Crockett DuBray: One activity I have done is more of an experience… I will share it in the form of the letter I sent to the parents following the experience that morning; Dear Parents, Thanks for granting me grace with your permission in taking your youth on a field trip this morning.

I purposely could not reveal much information about our plans. Here is the surprise I had in store for class…

We have been talking about giving of ourselves this Christmas.

We had planned to drive to 3 houses this morning and perform acts of service.

We went to _________’ and __________ and ____________homes to provide Read More

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