Checklist Of Things To Do Before Seminary Starts

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I came across this list in my files and found it helpful. Perspective from many directions is always welcome, hence I am sharing the list. Enjoy

Checklist of Things To Do Before Seminary Starts The Book of Mormon 

  • Be set apart by Priesthood Leader (if you are returning, ask for a blessing)
  • Obtain and review teacher materials (Manual, DVD, DVD guide, Scripture Mastery cards, book marks, and Institute reference manual)
  • Determine and confirm the time and place of your Seminary Class (Class should be 45 minutes, each school day)
  • Obtain a list of potential students (from your Ward Clerk)
  • Appoint class officers (have them help with inviting and welcoming new students over the summer, plan devotionals, act as secretary for the class, handle birthdays, etc.)
  • Obtain materials for students (manuals, scripture mastery cards, book marks, pencils, journals, etc.)
  • Obtain any classroom supplies while school supplies are on sale (markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, notebooks, etc.)
  • Set up Parent-Student Orientation Meeting a few weeks prior to the start of class
  • Invite students and parents to the orientation.
  • Register each student and submit paperwork to CED supervisor
  • Attend Seminary and Institute training and Inservice meeting
  • Read The Book of Mormon over the summer
  • Mark all 100 Scripture Mastery verses in your set of scriptures. (In your lessons, you will be referring to many of these scriptures ad your will recognize them as Scripture Mastery verses)
  • Become VERY familiar with the 25 Scripture Mastery verses for Book of Mormon
  • Mark your calendar for monthly Inservice dates
  • Identify potential substitute teachers and clear them with your Bishop.
  • Become familiar with CSTAR and the Seminary and Institute of Religion website
  • Prepare lessons for the first week
  • Outline lessons for the first 3-4 weeks
  • Plan how you will present Scripture Mastery verses

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