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By Shelli Gurr Dimig Shelli Gurr Dimig:
Any ideas on how to catch up? I just realized I am on Lesson 57 and we’re supposed to get through Lesson 81 by the end of the semester. If I take out days to play Jeopardy to prepare for the assessment and also finals week, that gives us 6 actual days to do 15 lessons! I don’t want to skip having the students discover the principles by finding them in the scriptures for each lesson, yet we have some serious ground to cover!
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Monique Christensen: I discovered the same thing. I cranked things up last week and taught the main doctrinal points–combining two or three lessons when possible. In fact, I looked at the whole chunk of lessons and found areas of duplication, then prayerfully highlighted what I think would serve my students best. We’re on lesson 61 today. I’m not doing Jeopardy, only taking two days out for the assessment so we’re going to make it. Also, several of my students commented how much they enjoyed the faster pace. (18 hours ago)

Donna Jean Young: There are lessons with similar principles that could be taught together. The key is to teach the principles and scriptures. (18 hours ago) 1

Jolene L Sorensen: Look at under Gospel Teaching! He does power points and has combined quite a few lessons! (17 hours ago)

Linette Teerlink: The Home Study lessons are very useful helping me catch up. (17 hours ago) 4

Amy Fritz Smith: Have the class divide in Read More

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