Cardboard Tube Tissue Paper “fireworks”

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*** OOPS! I forgot to take a picture of the fireworks I made and now my Singing Time is over and they’re ‘popped’ and in the trash….  well, I’ll take pictures if I do it again in the future. ***

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  1. Cut toilet paper tube in half (so it’s easier to break open when the time comes)
  2. Slip in paper (with song name or way to sing)
  3. Roll in colored tissue paper (tissure paper being longer than the tube)
  4. Tape to secure
  5. Twist ends and secure them shut by tying ribbon or wrapping wire garland at both ends
  6. Trim excess tissue paper

To use: break in half, get contents out (which may fly out and fall on the floor).

*No gunpowder
*No loud bang or pop noise
*Nothing shooting out
*Lots of mess to put in the garbage can

If you need further instruction, it’s kind of like this craft.

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