Byu Women’s Conference – Primary Singing Time Ideas

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I had the opportunity to create a Sharing Station for BYU Women’s Conference this year.  I was beyond thrilled when I received the topic, “Primary Singing Time Fun”.  I had never been to Women’s Conference before so I wasn’t sure what to expect…talk about a wonderful experience!  It was so great to chat with all of the amazing women who strolled through my booth.  I met many choristers and was able to share my ideas with them as well as hear some of theirs.  One thing that remained consistent with every chorister was the LOVE they all had for their calling.  It truly is the best calling in the church.  We are so blessed to teach these sweet children about the gospel through music each week & to learn from their testimonies.

You can view my virtual sharing station & handouts here.  I shared ideas for the following topics:
Seasonal Activities
Wiggle Songs
Program Review Activities
New Children
Singing Motivators
How to Teach a Song
Song Ideas for the Weekly Themes (correspond with the Sharing Time Outline)
Monthly Planning Worksheet

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