Build A Temple Paper Puzzle

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(say the title of this post 10 times fast.  heehee)
We built this Temple (Salt Lake) in our Primary as part of the Families Can be Together Forever monthly theme. We sang “I Love to See the Temple” while we assembled the Temple and “Families Can Be Together Forever” during the singing meter board.
In making this Temple visual aid I learned that my chalkboard is 4 papers tall (you learn something new every day, right? lol). So, luckily, this fit perfectly. I drew a chalk grid on the board to help the kids keep the pieces in line. In JR I had it already set up so they put it up in order. In SR it was more of a puzzle. (Also, all pieces are numbered on the back so I can figure it out after it’s all mixed up). I did sort of a question and answer thing – ask a question, but a piece up, sing, repeat.
After the big temple was built we had extra time, in which I did the Singing Meter, this time with Temple spires on it. To use the singing meter board over and over again I told the kids there are lots of Temples being built nowadays and I reset the board and pick to kids to work the strings. The kids love operating the singing meter board.
SLC Temple Paper Puzzle,
separated so you can see the individual piecesSLC Temple Paper Puzzle, all put togetherall colored and ready to goSinging Meter with Temple SpiresSee how it works?
If the kids sing well the Temple gets built!

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