Broken Hearts For I Will Follow God’s Plan

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Concerning prep work, there are 2 versions below. Easy and hard. (Hard isn’t really that hard, it’s just more effort…)


  1. Glue/print song phrases on hearts. Cut them apart.
  2. Post them randomly on the board.
  3. Invite children to match them up.
  4. When a match is made, sing it.
  5. When all matches are made sing the whole song.

*I thought I thought of this idea!, but then I found it on Toddler Land (pictured above).  She’s already made a printable for it, so go there and grab it!



So, here (pic below) is my own version of how I will use the broken hearts idea for IWFGP. Of course, printing the document from Toddler Land (link above) would be the easiest thing to do. Instead, I made my broken hearts to be reusable. I laminated them and taped the lyrics to the front. More work? Yes. Reusable for the future? Yes. (see my hearts blank, here)

How I’ll use these hearts for reviewing and cementing I Will Follow God’s Plan:

  1. I will draw numbers on the board, holding the place for the assembled hearts. (Hearts have coordinating numbers on the back).
  2. Heart pieces will be taped to the piano.
  3. I’ll call a child up to make a match, then we’ll tape the heart on it’s numbered spot on the board.
  4. We’ll sing the song. Humming if there are no words taped up yet, and singing the lyrics to the phrases that have been matched and posted on the board.

Broken hearts: Assembled!
With I Will Follow God’s Plan lyrics on them.
The white parts will be removed and I can make more if I decide to use these laminated hearts again.

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