Bringing Homework to class

By Bonnie Bair Bonnie Bair:
What do y’all do or say to those who bring their homework to class? I’ve addressed it in the past but now we have a few more doing it.
(14 hours ago)

Amy Jones Griffeth: I have a strict “leave the world outside” policy. In previous years I’ve let kids have like a dire emergency, one time only homework day but last year that really got abused so this year I just said, NO! If they really feel they need to do it, I send them to the foyer. I tell them to exercise faith, and be obedient. In the past kids have returned to tell me that a scheduled test got postponed because the teacher was sick or the teacher decided to give them an extra day for the assignment. Being firm and consistent is a fair thing to be! (13 hours ago) 9

Julie Teel: I let my student know she had 11 minutes (it was 11 minutes before class started) to finish. After that she needed to put it away. I haven’t had any other issues this year. I did have to address the issue with the parents of one student in a previous year. Seminary is time to learn the words of the prophets – it isn’t a study period. (13 hours ago) 1

Pam Edwards: “A distraction doesn’t have to be evil to be effective”. Wish I could give you a name and reference for this quote, but I really believe it is true. (13 hours ago) 1

Katrina Bradford McNiven: I’m torn on this. I Read More

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