Brain Break! Cross The Midline

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Crossing the midline means that one side of the body moves to the opposite side of the body to do work over there. The physical cross also causing a cross in the brain.
image sourceTo apply this to Primary Music Time, the idea of this is that sometimes you need a “brain break” to get your brain ready for learning (or, in the middle of a lesson, to realign your brain so it can get back to learning). It’s basically some simple movements that cross the midline of your body and therefore, also the midline your brain. It’s a repeated exercise where one hand touches something on the other side of the body – then the other hand does the same thing on the other side of the body. One side, then the other, then repeat. IE: stand up, touch right foot with left hand, stand up, touch left foot with right hand. Repeat a few times.

SEE: Dr Jean’s midline crossing brain exercises
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