Bitter – Warheads

By Amy Jones Griffeth
Amy Jones Griffeth:
I didn’t originally plan on this but I got a box of sour warhead candy canes to give to my class. Then when I was picking my opening song to go with #DandC58 the second lesson, I saw the use of the word bitter in the opening hymn I picked, and it all came together. I gave them a little devotional after the song – and re-quoted the bitter part and talked about how the bitterness and pain of sin can be made sweet through repentance and the power of the atonement. I then mentioned that it was also nice that this was a symbol of the shepherd because one of my favorite names or role for the savior is that as the Good Shepherd. I love that he will leave the 99 to go after the 1. Anyways I thought I’d pass the candy idea/devotional and hymn idea along for that lesson… the hymn is Savior Redeemer of my Soul… it was used in Ephraim’s rescue with a different melody. I’m going to play that version for them tomorrow – but today we sang the hymn. The words to that hymn are simply beautiful! “Whose wonderous power hath raised me up and filled with sweet my bitter cup”
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Amy Jones Griffeth: oh and I forgot to add that I told that great story at the bottom of the lesson about the bishop who can’t remember who confessed to him – and he used the shepherd idea… so I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love when things all connect like that… I had that happen on Monday – when we were talking about a spot for the temple and how important temple work is. At the beginning of the class we checked off our memorization of D&C 18:15-16… then I ended the lesson talking about that woman who did enough temple work in her lifetime to fill the conference center – how fun to then have the class recite – 18:15-16 – one more time… how great will be your joy!!! indeed! (4 days ago) 2

Dorianne Quinton Varty: Oh my gosh, I bought some of those candy canes yesterday -almost didn’t, but then ended up throwing them in my cart, and I’m teaching this lesson tomorrow! Funny! Now I know why I bought them! ha ha (4 days ago) 3

Debbie Gilbert: Im so sad that we are past 58, sounds like a great lesson. (1 hour ago)

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