Because Jesus Christ Was Resurrected, I Will Be Too!: 3Rd Week Sharing Time Idea For March 2013

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IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (hearing a story): Use the illustration from page 123 in the nursery manual (see instructions on page 121) to tell the story of the Resurrection (see John 19:41–42; 20:1, 11–18). Explain that when Jesus Christ was resurrected, His body and spirit were reunited; this made it possible for everyone to be resurrected. Have the children say, “Because Jesus Christ was resurrected, I will be too.”
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing feelings): On the board list words that describe how the disciples might have felt the day Jesus died (such as grief, sorrow, sadness, and despair). Have the children suggest opposites of those words (such as happiness, joy, hope, and faith), and write them on the board. Explain that these feelings are what the disciples felt when Jesus was resurrected. Discuss some of the blessings that come from knowing we will be resurrected (see Isaiah 25:8; Alma 22:14).
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (sharing feelings): Write on the board, “I am thankful Jesus was resurrected because . . .” Invite a ward member who has had a loved one die to come to Primary and briefly share why he or she is thankful for the Resurrection. Ask the children if they know anyone who has died, and invite them to close their eyes and think of that person. Invite some of the children to stand and complete the sentence on the board and share what the Resurrection means to them.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS IdeasI had a few ideas from previous posts that I thought I would share with all of you (since it’s already Friday!). So here are some old ideas that you could use for this week’s Sharing Time.
For the ‘Identify the Doctrine’ section here is an idea that you could use with the idea from the outline. This idea originally came from The Friend, Sept. 2006
For this idea you use a glove/puppet to represent our bodies and spirit to explain Resurrection to the children. This works great for Jr. Primary to help them understand a little better.Click Here to view this idea on
Activity IdeaHere is an idea that I shared a few years ago. I thought it would work great for this week’s Sharing Time. There are two different ways to do this activity. You can have the children put together a puzzle or ‘Finish the Phrase’.

Here is what you will need:-Gospel Art Kit Pictures:  227: Jesus Praying in Gethsemane  230: The Crucifixion  232: Jesus’ Tomb  233: Mary and the Resurrected Lord  234: Jesus Shows His Wounds  236: The Ascension of Jesus

-Type/write “Jesus was resurrected, and I will be too.” Cut into strips, so that each word is on its own strip of paper. You only need 6 strips of paper, so you will need to have ‘and I’ and ‘be too’ on one piece. These strips of paper will be taped to the back of each GAK picture.

Next…-Type or write these scripture references on pieces of paper: (without the GAK reference): Acts 1:9–11(Use for: GAK 236);
Matthew 23:36-46 (Use for: GAK227);John 19:38-42 (Use for :GAK 232);Luke 24:36-40(Use for: GAK 234);John 20:11-17(GAK 233);Luke 23:33-46(GAK230)
Puzzle: -Print out a picture of the Resurrected Lord (GAK 233) and cut into puzzle pieces (You will only need 6 pieces.) 
Before Primary tape one word-strip or puzzle piece (whichever activity you chose to do) to each picture. Then post the pictures around the room. On a chalkboard write six blank spaces.“_____ _____ ____, ____ ____ ____.”
This is where they will post their word-strips.
How To Play:If you’re using the ‘finish the phrase’ puzzle:Tell the Children that you have a list of scriptures they will be reading. Split the primary into 6 groups and give each group a scripture. Have each group read their scripture (If you use this for Jr. Primary, have a teacher read the scripture for them). Then call each group one at a time to go and find the picture that goes with their scripture. Ask them what the picture is. Then discuss it a little. Have them take the word-strip off and try to figure out where it goes. (You may have to wait until a few have their word-strips.) After they have matched all the pictures and guessed the phrase “Jesus was Resurrected, and I will be too” talk to them about the Resurrection.
If you use the Puzzle:Have the children take turns picking one of the pictures. Ask them if they know what is happening in that picture, and talk a little bit about what it is. Then have them take the puzzle piece from the back, and find where it goes on the puzzle. (After you cut the puzzle, outline each piece on a piece of paper, or on the chalkboard, so it’s easier for them to know where the piece goes.)After they have put the puzzle together, discuss the Resurrection.
Another Activity Idea:Here’s an idea that I found from a previous Friend that I thought was really great.Idea taken from: Sharing Time: He Lives!; The Friend, April 2007
Display three shoe boxes, and ask the children to raise their hands if they like to try on new shoes. Explain that you want them to imagine trying on some other people’s shoes, but more important you want them to imagine what it would be like to actually be that person. One by one, take out a pair of shoes from each box. (You can also display pictures or drawings of shoes.) Show a pair of boots to represent the soldiers who guarded Jesus’s tomb. Use detail to tell the story in such a way that the children can imagine being there when Jesus Christ was laid in the tomb. Next, use a pair of sandals to tell the story of Mary Magdalene. Ask the children how it might have felt to have been at the garden tomb when the resurrected Savior appeared. Last, show a pair of shoes that children in your area commonly wear. Ask how it feels to be a member of the Church and to have the knowledge that you will be resurrected because of the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bear testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died and was resurrected.
And one more idea:This great idea comes from Sugardoodle. There are different versions of this particular lesson, so take a look and see what works for you. We did this once when I was in Primary and the children really enjoyed it.
What you will be doing:You will need 12 Easter Eggs. Inside each egg will be an item OR a scripture and an item. You will number each egg #1-12. The children will take turns finding the eggs and opening each one to reveal what is inside. You will read the scripture and show the children the item.Click Here to view the original idea from Sugardoodle.

So there are my ideas that I have to share with you today.Have a great weekend and a wonderful Sharing Time!sheena

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