Beauty & The Geek Dance Theme

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This last weekend was our ward’s turn to host the Stake youth dance. The youth voted on a theme (they picked “Beauty & the Geek”). We posted information about the dance on the stake’s youth facebook page. We invited them to come dressed fancy (dress up) or as a geek/nerd (pocket protectors, nerd glasses, etc).


I had seen a post on sugardoodle where someone suggested decorating with toilet paper streamers  to make a sort of canopy over the dance floor. I thought this would be perfect to go along with the theme, since toilet paper stuck to the shoe is classic ‘nerd’

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It took 3 young men, my husband, and the hugest ladder I have ever seen to get the ropes hung up. We had a little (or a lot of) difficulty getting the TP across the ropes because our (pre-existing) hooks were spaced pretty far apart. So instead of being a canopy over the top of the dance floor, we settled for 2 “walls” of toilet paper, one on each side of the dance floor. See photos….

It looked much cooler with the dance lights on (and the main lights off), but you’ll just have to use your imagination. It really had that “TP’d” look! Having the two “walls” of TP made the gym seem smaller and more cozy, so it did seem like more people danced. But since they were easily see-through with all the gaps, there wasn’t a problem with visibility for the chaperones.

For refreshments, had divided a long table into two halfs- “beauty” (fancy pink cupcakes) and “geek” (mini cookies and rice krispy treats with nerds candies on the top). The youth made a bunch of tissue-paper roses and thick ‘nerd’ glasses cut-outs that we put all over the table.

We had a budget of $75.00. I bought $25 worth of TP ($1/4-pack at Dollar Tree = 100 rolls). Other supplies: rope (about $3), tissue paper and floral tape (about $4), tablecloths ($2), black cardstock and poster board ($4), cups ($3), and about $20 for refreshments.

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