Back To School Bookworms

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bookworms with graduation caps

SIMPLE LESSON (easier for JR):

INTRO (paraphrase):
It’s back to school time! Did you know that sometimes someone who likes to read a lot is called a bookworm? Well, today I brought all of these books and I’m going to need super singers to help me find bookworms! The bookworms will tell us what song to sing.

  1. Have paper worms sticking out of a stack of books
  2. Child chooses a book worm
  3. The worm tells us what and how to sing.

— Oh yeah! Did I forget to tell you?! These are WIGGLY BOOKWORMS! We are going to sing the song and do actions, too! —

  • SING

CROSSWORD ACTIVITY (more challenging element added for Senior Primary):
*Beforehand I used the Discovery crossword maker to make a crossword puzzle with our 2013 program songs. I transposed the crossword onto the board so everyone could see it (this was harder to do than I thought it would be, but it’s doable for sure).

  1. Call a class up, they pick a wiggly bookworm out of the stack of books
  2. The bookworm has a clue number on it (that corresponds to the crossword on the board). Class reads the clue.
  3. Kids answer the clue and write it on the board. (fyi, having the children help me spell the word letter by letter helped keep them engaged in the activity)
  4. Sing that song wiggly the way written on that bookworm

crossword for SR Primaryclick this picture to see the crossword and clues I used—————————————————————-

songs+wiggly worm movement examples:
Teach Me to Walk in the Light –  walk to the beat
I Am Like a Star – star fingers
My Heavenly Father Loves Me – song actions we learned
I Pray in Faith – lap, clap, snap
Holding Hands Around the World – march to the beat
When I Am Baptized – paint brushes
If The Savior Stood Beside Me – clap rhythm
Families Can Be Together Forever – clap beat
I Am a Child of God (4 verses) – 1face front, 2turn to side, 3face back, 4other side


  • Cut out worms
  • Gather books
  • crossword prep
  • Song list & the wiggly ways to sing the songs


  • This activity went well, WOULD do it again.
  • SR appreciated the extra activity and extra “challenge”. Although not required. Could just do the simpler activity for both JR and SR.
  • Was good as a review of all 11 program songs. Extended time is required if doing it for that many songs.
  • I thought the worms might rip. And they did. Keep tape handy just in case.
  • Thought JR was going to lose interest, but there was enough movement to keep them engaged.
  • SR can get a little crazy when doing a wiggly/movement activity (at least that how it is in my SR). Relax discipline a little bit accordingly when planning a wiggly activity.

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